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Mineral Waters

Deep beneath the lawns and gardens of Lithia Springs Resort bubbles warm springs, unique mineral water reminiscent of the soft mineral waters of Europe. Native Americans discovered the unique healing qualities of these springs thousands of years before Europeans ever came to America though. They declared the springs “common grounds” for the benefit of all local tribes. Tribal differences were left behind so everyone could enjoy the warm, soothing, healing properties of the springs. Stories and legends grew around the water so that the Native Americans came to consider the area sacred.

Ashland was long known as the “Carlsbad or Baden-Baden of America” in the early 1900s and we are resurrecting those “Taking to the Waters” simpler times. As found in the collections of the Southern Oregon Historical Society, this part of Oregon was famous for lithium, sulfur and soda springs for centuries, both among the Native Americans and the pioneers. The curative springs found deep beneath the resort are rich in sulfur and numerous minerals, which help body heal itself from skin diseases, digestive disorders, arthritis, sore muscles, and poison oak, in addition to relieving stress, rejuvenating and bringing a sense of calmness into your whole system. We are proud to offer these healing springs to travelers looking for a unique Oregon experience with a soft-spoken luxury, a spa-like retreat, celebrating healing waters and nature.

Our waters have a high density of “positive ions,” just as sea water does. The ions are actually atoms with an extra electron that want to bond with other water molecules to become stable. This property causes the water to draw fluids through your skin in a bonding process.

Hence, soaking in this naturally soft water causes body fluids to be drawn through your skin, taking any irritants (such as poison oak oils) along with it as it goes and relieving the soreness or irritation.

So relax and enjoy a good soak in what the Native Americans considered “holy water,” without even leaving the privacy of your room – only at Lithia Springs Resort.