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Lithia Springs Garden provides a peaceful sanctuary away from the hurried pace of everyday living. A rich and textured tapestry of bright hues and enchanting fragrances weave through four acres of ornamentals, edibles, lush lawns and tree canopies, punctuated with fountains, pools and ponds. The gardens nurture and nourish both wildlife and our guests.

Spring is a welcome explosion of fresh new life and begins with the first booms of hellebore, naturalized primulas and cheerful winter pansies. Bloom profusion follows with rhododendrons, azaleas, spring bulbs of crocus, daffodil, hyacinth and tulips. Border beds of bleeding hearts, brunnera (English Forget-Me-Nots), heather, dianthus, English daisy, sweet peas, lupine, new curling fronds on ferns, fragrant riburnum and daphne. Trees begin to bloom; pear, cherry, plum, crabapple and tulip magnolia as well as vines of wisteria dripping over pergolas and walkways. As the flush of yellow-green spreads across the property, warmer spring days bring lilacs, snowballs, peonies, foxglove, delphinium, coral bells, blooming ground covers – ajuga- snowing may and periwinkle. Birds sing daily praises and prepare nests for this year’s new additions.