Meet Expert Sommelier 

Join us in the Wine Garden and enjoy an intimate wine education experience with a Level II Sommelier, Joseph Shaughnessy.

Joseph Shaughnessy’s journey with wine started in 2010 when he moved to Oregon from Tennessee. While working at Allyson’s of Ashland (a European-style kitchen supply store, wine cellar and gourmet deli) he was exposed to wines from all around the world. It is there that his passion for wine grew. The next chapter of his life took him to a flight school in the US Army. This time was, by no means, devoid of its unique experiences in wine however. His first duty station was serendipitously Ansbach, Germany. His time enjoying German Rieslings near the Rhine River, or Chablis and mussels in Paris, was instrumental in cultivating his love for wine. As his US Army obligation drew to a close, he doubled his efforts to re-enter the world of wine. He began studying to become a Sommelier. After passing introductory examination in May 2018 he took, and passed, the Certified Exam just six months later while serving in Seoul, South Korea. As a Level II Sommelier, Joseph is thrilled to apply that knowledge to his position at the Wine Garden at Lithia Springs Resort. 

Wine Garden Tasting Room

Open: Thursday – Sunday, 2PM- 8PM 

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