Larks Restaurant

“Farm to Table Comfort Food”


Lithia Springs Resort team invites you to explore the flavors of Oregon at Larks Restaurant located in the historic Ashland Springs Hotel, in downtown Ashland.


LARKS celebrates Oregon: its farms, orchards, creameries and wineries offering dishes that excite and surprise with freshness and flavors. They are passionately committed to offering the freshest & local ingredients possible. Larks celebrates Oregon’s bounty by creating innovative cuisine from scratch.

Restaurant’s co-executive chefs, Kate Cyr & David Georgeson are masters in showcasing opulent seasonal ingredients delivered daily from local farms, delighting visitors with the flavors of this amazing region. The creativity of our chefs is expressed in every daily special.


Dishes like homemade meatloaf, hearty soups, nutrient-dense salads and grilled Northwest steelhead are the most popular. Other specialties include pork chop and Dungeness crab fondue. Ingredients like truffle oil, wild mushrooms, hazelnuts, pears and marionberries layer in the Oregon flavor. Pastry chef’s creations depend on what is available that season and include fruit tarts, chocolate cake with housemade salted caramel ice cream, or cranberry-pumpkin bread pudding.


Our beverage selection extends the theme of local and seasonal with a choice of herb infused cocktails made with Oregon spirits, local wines, and beers.


Larks Restaurant creates a connection between restaurant guests and our local farmers, ranchers, distillers and winemakers.


At LARKS we believe in:

Knowing our farmers


Fresh and local ingredients


Cooking from scratch


Featuring Oregon Artisans


Creative Collaboration


Health and Wellbeing


The beauty of a meal


Caring about our community


The power of our smiles


One another