7th of July 2017 04:57 PM Link
We truly have one of the best gardeners. You can feel the magic in her work ✨ Happy Friday.
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5th of July 2017 05:51 PM Link
"There’s just something about a road trip. The journey..." Thank you for the beautifully written article The Traveler's Journey 🙂
4th of July 2017 05:03 PM Link
Happy 4th of July!!! 🎈🎈🎈
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3rd of July 2017 07:17 PM Link
During your stay try our summer spa special. The Ohanami Ritual.
This treatment nourishes the skin and awakens the senses based on the timeless bathing traditions of Japan. A multi-step treatment including a scrub and a massage using active botanicals and earth-rich elements. This experience releases muscle tension, boosts the immune system, and promotes inner well-being.

Learn more:
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19th of June 2017 06:08 PM Link
What a wonderful place the garden is 💕 Perfect place to feel the magic.

photo: Betsy Blue
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16th of June 2017 05:06 PM Link
"Water is the driving force of all nature."
We're celebrating the power of water in our community!
12th of June 2017 05:49 PM Link
☔️Rainy weather calls for a warm mineral soak. 🛀 A little getaway during the week is never a bad idea.
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9th of June 2017 09:53 PM Link
A beautiful poem written by our guest! Thank you so much Jake for sharing with us.

Staying at Lithia Springs
Soaking in the healing waters
Soaking my pains away

Renewing my life
Renewing my love
As we both soak away
As the pain of life go away

And our love grows
With each soaking session

Life is good
At the hot springs water
Soothes us and smooth us

And we fall in love
Again and again
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24th of May 2017 03:47 PM Link
6th of May 2017 10:50 PM Link
Brisk and beautiful day for a wedding at Lithia Springs Resort!
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28th of April 2017 05:42 PM Link
Happy Friday! Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend. What are your weekend plans? It's never too late for a quick Southern Oregon getaway 🙂
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6th of April 2017 10:45 PM Link
A welcome hint of spring indoors.
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1st of March 2017 06:38 PM Link
Indulge in some chocolate this weekend at the 13th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival and soak in a mineral bath after. Book your getaway to the festival with us.
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6th of February 2017 08:00 PM Link
What are your plans this Valentine's Day? Let us help you plan a romantic escape to our mineral springs resort.
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20th of January 2017 10:05 PM Link
Message image
13th of January 2017 10:18 PM Link
We are honored to be named one of the top "Hot Spring Havens" in the latest issue of Spirituality & Health Magazine
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3rd of December 2016 12:46 AM Link
@willycosmosguidetohotsprings We are so honored to have made Willy Cosmo's Road Trippin' Hot Springs Adventure list!!!
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17th of November 2016 04:48 PM Link
Thanks so much for the feature Vale + Vine.It was an amazing summer wedding at the resort. Betsy Blue, your photography always inspires.
2nd of November 2016 03:36 PM Link
Retreat into a warm mineral bath, enjoy fresh-baked tea scones, get inspired by the koi pond, warm up by the crackling fireplace. Relax, soak, dream.
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28th of October 2016 10:02 PM Link
Thank you Cottage Hill for the amazing feature. And thank you Betsy Blue for capturing the resort so beautifully through your amazing photography.

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