22nd of June 2018 05:11 PM Link
Cheers to Friday!!! Let’s drink some spectacular Southern Oregon Wine! Ask about our varieties at the resort #YouOregonOasis
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21st of June 2018 11:27 PM Link
Cheers to the longest day of the year! Happy summer Solstice! 💕
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19th of June 2018 03:28 PM Link
Garden inspirations at the resort 💕
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18th of June 2018 10:29 PM Link
Perfect place for a couple’s picnic 💕
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12th of June 2018 11:19 PM Link
Just a few inspirations on our Instagram 💕
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6th of June 2018 04:33 PM Link
Whether you’ve been together for forty years, six months, or you’re just starting out with someone new, every couple needs some time away. Our resort is the perfect oasis to celebrate your anniversary, your love’s birthday, or simply getaway for a romantic weekend just because!

We're here to help you plan your next Romantic Couple's Getaway!
4th of June 2018 03:33 PM Link
It might be Monday, but that doesn’t mean the self care has to end. Indulge in “me time” to start your week right 💕 Waterstone Spa at the resort. 💕
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1st of June 2018 04:12 PM Link
Art elements inspired by nature. Rock-salt, atacamite, opal. #beckyneumandesign
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14th of February 2018 12:59 AM Link
Staying at the resort on Valentine's Day? Enjoy a romantic dinner at our sister-restaurant Larks - Home Kitchen Cuisine Restaurant. Valentine's Dinner menu below.
Valentine's Day Dinner
You can't go wrong with a romantic Valentine's Day dinner at Larks. Enjoy the ambiance of our charming downtown location...
1st of January 1970 12:00 AM
3rd of February 2018 12:41 AM Link
February is the perfect month to celebrate the ones you love most. Creating a romantic getaway at the resort isn't hard to do. From a relaxing soak in a mineral bath or steaming Jacuzzi, and strolls through the garden gazing at the night sky, sparks will surly fly. With Valentine's just round the corner our nature resort is the perfect escape.

Book your getaway!
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26th of January 2018 04:27 PM Link
We're ready for March! Can you guess why! 😉
14th annual Oregon Chocolate Festival
Annual celebration of all things chocolate! Experience tastings, workshops, Chocolate Maker's Dinner, fun Social Hour wi...
1st of January 1970 12:00 AM
26th of January 2018 12:31 AM Link
A fun event of double chocolate indulgence brought to you by our Waterstone Spa team awaits! Details below.
Spa Chocolate Cocktail Party Oregon Chocolate Festival
Come enjoy a fun event of double chocolate indulgence brought to you by the Waterstone Spa team! Learn to make Chocolate...
1st of January 1970 12:00 AM
3rd of January 2018 04:19 PM Link
20th of December 2017 06:54 PM Link
Oh, how we love Southern Oregon and the beauty of nature! Thank you Make Mine A Spritzer for capturing this gorgeous shot of the resort.
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18th of December 2017 07:03 PM Link
Thank you for sharing your wonderful winter escape with us Foodie.passport.
15th of December 2017 12:40 AM Link
It's time to get cozy! The December spa special at Waterstone Spa is available now!
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11th of December 2017 10:41 PM Link
New Year's Eve Winter Dream Special.

Toast to 2018, and spark romance with this Ultimate Romance Package with a twist at Oregon's mineral water oasis.

Learn more what's included in the New Year's Eve package:
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29th of November 2017 12:53 AM Link
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27th of November 2017 10:58 PM Link
Cozy mood at the resort ❤️
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21st of November 2017 09:32 PM Link
Favorite time of year to celebrate nature!
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